Complete Flexibility by Organic India is an herbal arthritis and joint supplement that contains certified organic herbs for joint mobility and joint support.
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Product Description

Complete Flexibility by Organic India is an herbal supplement for joint mobility and support that contains certified organic herbs.

  • Lubricating support to joints and muscles
  • Supports relief from morning stiffness
  • Promotes strength and stamina
  • Gentle on digestive system
  • Gluten Free and Vegan. Non-GMO. Kosher.

Complete Flexibility is a unique combination of 100% organically grown herbs and roots that help maintain healthy joints by gently cleansing and supporting joint tissues. Complete Flexibility was designed for those who lead a physically active lifestyle, supporting flexibility, strength, stamina and overall muscle and joint health. It is gentle on the stomach, non-habit forming and excellent when taken in combination with Organic Indias Turmeric Formula.

Complete Flexibility parallels the actions of: glucosamine and chondroition, alfalfa.

All ORGANIC INDIA herbs are thoroughly tested for heavy metals.

Supplement Facts:
2 capsules contains:
*Organic Motha rhizome 400mg
---(Cyperus rotundus)
*Organic Ashwagandha root 120mg
---(Withania somnifera)
*Organic Guduchi stem 70mg
---(Tinospora cordifolia)
*Organic Rama Tulsi / Holy Basil leaf 60mg
---(Ocimum sanctum)
*Certified Organic Ingredients
Other Ingredients: organic vegetable pullulan capsules.
Contains NO: gluten. Non-GMO. Kosher. Vegetarian/Vegan. USDA Certified Organic.

Recommended Use:
Adults: 2 capsules twice daily with food and water or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Do not use if pregnant or nursing without consult a physician. Keep out of the reach of children.